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Poor And Needy

On each Saturday morning, I write an encouragement or prayer to send to a group of men whom are close friends, and will be serving God by ministering to his people on Sunday morning. Attached below is this weekend’s prayer, flowing from Psalm 86. I post it here in the hopes it will encourage you, and that maybe you would find it useful wherever you and some friends will be ministering to God’s people.

Grace and Peace to you, dear reader.

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Incline your ear, and answer us this morning, O GOD,
for we are poor and needy.
Bless your servants, this morning, who trust in you—you are our GOD.
Be gracious to us, Father, 
to you we will cry out all of today.
Gladden the souls of your servants,
for to you, dearest Father, do we lift up our souls.

And why?
For there is none like you among the gods, O Yahweh,
nor are there any works like yours.
All the nations you have made shall come
and worship before you, O Yahweh,
and shall glorify your name.
For you are great and do wondrous things;
you ALONE are GOD!

Teach us your way, O Yahweh,
that we may walk in your truth;
unite our hearts to fear your Name.
We give thanks to you, O Yahweh our God, with our whole hearts,
and we will glorify your name forever.
For great is your steadfast love toward us—how stunning this is!
You have delivered our souls from the depths of Sheol—how amazing this grace!

Turn to us now, and be gracious to us,
give strength to your servants,
That with our lives, we may glorify your Name.

Yes, and very amen, in Jesus’ name.

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