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An Impression


The great Welsh preacher and a hero for me, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said,

I have often discouraged the taking of notes while I am preaching…The first and primary object of preaching is not only to give information. It is, as Edwards says, to produce an impression. It is the impression at the time that matters, even more than what you can remember subsequently…While you are writing your notes, you may be missing something of the impact of the Spirit.

Friend, I’m not saying it is always wrong to take notes. And I am certainly not suggesting that what I do in the pulpit is that which is creating an impression. I agree whole-heartedly with that last line of Lloyd-Jones—I don’t want you to miss something of the impact of the Spirit.

If you are a note-taker, consider leaving the journal and pencil at home this Sunday.

But more than that, let us all pray, preacher and listener, that we might not miss something of the impact of the Spirit this Sunday.

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