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As I prepare to preach the Song of Songs, this collection of ancient Israelite, highly vivid, erotic and emotive songs, it struck me that we don’t buy an album only to read the liner notes. We actually listen to the music, for it is only in hearing the songs that we fully receive what they are intended to communicate. So how can I listen to the Song of Songs?

Enter Dwell.

A couple of months back, a friend let me know they had purchased a lifetime subscription as a gift for me to this new audio Bible app. As you can see above, it operates and looks quite a bit like the Apple Music interface, with playlists of Scripture passages organized by themes (e.g., Jesus’ Parables, Jesus in the Psalms, the Creeds, and Marriage), Reading Plans (like Romans in 7 Days), or the option to just simply listen to a book of the Bible. You can choose multiple types of background music, or no music at all, and you have the option of four different readers.

It has changed the way that I experience the Scriptures, making them come alive in fresh ways. In the case of the Song of Songs, Dwell has helped me appreciate the remarkable beauty of the text in a way I never have before, opening up new understanding and application.

I highly commend trying it out, which you can do for free. And if you sign up now, they have a deal going for 15% off the monthly, annual, or lifetime premium rates.

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