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Read This Book, Sing This Song


I'm preaching the book of Habakkuk on Sunday, and just finished the sermon earlier today (admitting, of course, that no sermon is ever done). It's an amazing testimony of a man who deeply loves God and is wrestling with remaining faithful in the midst of agonizing circumstances. It has been incredibly helpful to me personally, and I know, by God's grace, will be to my family at Calvary on Sunday morning.

We are closing the service on Sunday with the song, "Sovereign Over Us", which contains and proclaims a great deal of the truth you will find in Habbakuk. If you know me, you would know I'm not a huge Smitty fan. But this song helps me worship my sovereign God.

So read this book, and sing this song. And join us on Sunday at Calvary, where we'll do both together.

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