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On Your Very Worst Day

One of my wishes for every single person in the world is that they have at least one, good friend. It is remarkable how important this is. I am so glad that I am married to my best friend. And we are so blessed to have another couple in our lives who are now, and forever will be, our Besties. And we have many other friends besides: in our community group, at our church, in our neighborhood.

One of the reasons friends are important is because they encourage you when you’re down. Like yesterday, when I received a text from one of our Besties, with a picture of a much needed reminder of who Jesus is, and how he loves us. It was from Paul David Tripp’s Advent devotional, Come Let Us Adore Him. Here’s what he had to say:

So here’s what the Christmas Story is all about: a willing Savior is born to rescue unwilling people from themselves because there is no other way…Jesus was willing…

Without his willingness, you and I would be without hope and without God. Without his willingness, we would be left with the power and curse of sin. Without his willingness, we would be eternally damned. During this season of celebrating don’t forget to stop and celebrate your Savior’s willingness…

The Advent willingness of Jesus is your guarantee that he continues to be willing today. Right here, right now, he is willing to love you on your very worst day. Right now he is willing to forgive you again and again. Here and now he is willing to be patient as you continue to grow and mature. Right now he is willing to battle on your behalf against evil within and without. Here and now he is willing to teach you through his Word. Now he is willing to supply every one of your spiritual needs. Now he is willing to be faithful even when you’re not. He, right now, is willing to empower you when you’re weak and to restore you when you’ve fallen. He is willing to comfort you when you are discouraged and protect you when you’ve stepped into danger. And he remains willing to do everything necessary to feed, guide, sustain, and protect you until eternity is your final home…Willing Jesus is the only hope for unwilling sinners!

Ok, please stop.
Stop right now, and go back, and read that last paragraph again.
Read it slowly. Bask in it. Relish it.
Accept all its truths and encouragements coming to you in the person and work of Jesus.

And then be a good friend, and pass it along to someone that you know needs to hear about this Advent willingness of Jesus on their behalf.

Merry Christmas!

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