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Who Are You?

I was catching up on some updates the other day from Royal Servants. They are a missions organization that trains young disciples of Jesus and then sends them as teams to all parts of the world to share the good news of the kingdom of God. My daughter Isabella has been involved in the ministry four years, and as a result has learned so much about the good news, and how God is expanding his kingdom. She has taught us much through her experiences.

So, back to those updates. One of them was a short video at the beginning of one of their worship times at training camp this week. They shared a kind of anthem, which I asked Bella about later. She said she said it thousands of times to herself and as a team while they were on mission, and since then. It is a powerful declaration of an identity planted firmly in Jesus, so I asked her to write it down for me.

Your day may start a little differently if this is the first thing you declare to yourself in the mirror each morning.

Who are you?

I am…

deeply loved by God,
completely forgiven,
fully pleasing,
powerfully equipped,
totally accepted,

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