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Amnesty Is Yours

I was at The Gospel Coalition national conference recently with my bride, and among the many excellent and encouraging sermons and workshops, I keep coming back to one of the introductions. It came compliments of Sandy Wilson. I love how he pulls out the aspect of amnesty — forgiveness — within the good news.

As soon as he arrived at the pulpit, he exulted in the evangel:

The good news is news — it is a proclamation, it’s an announcement. And the announcement is that there’s a kingdom,
and the King of that Kingdom is here,
he has touched base on earth,
he has broken the power of the evil one,
and he is coming back soon to consummate his great kingdom.
Meanwhile, between the two comings, there is a period in which amnesty is being offered,
to all of those of us who have rebelled against the kingdom (which is all of us),
and it is important for us to know that this amnesty is the real deal,
it really works!
And we know that it really works because we find in the Scriptures that someone has paid the price for us.
And his name is Jesus.
And we need to know how that works, because it really is the core of this good news, it is critical to know the terms of amnesty, for it makes it good news, and not bad news.
It would not be good news to know that the King of this kingdom is coming back and I am going to be confronted with all of my rebellion against him, in all his authority and power.
It’s good news if he’s coming back, and real amnesty is provided for me.

You can find his sermon, a recap of the conference, pictures, and sessions from the conference HERE. I commend them to you!

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