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If You Are Not Experiencing Peace and Meaning, You May Not Be Thinking Enough

Christians believe that there is a God, who made us in love to know him, but that as a human race we turned away and were lost to him. However, he has promised to bring us back to himself. God sent his Son into the world to break the power of sin and death, at infinite cost to himself, by going to the cross. Christian teaching is that Jesus rose from the dead and passed through the heavens and now is ruling history and preparing a future new heaven and new earth, without death and suffering, in which we will live with him forever.
And then all the deepest longings of our hearts will find their fulfillment.
It is fair to say that if you are a Christian with those beliefs--about who you are to God and what is in store for you--but you are not experiencing peace and meaning, then it is because you are not thinking enough. There is a kind of shallow, temporary peace that modern people can get from not thinking too much about their situation, but Christianity can give a deep peace and meaning that come from making yourself as aware and as mindful of your beliefs as possible.

(Tim Keller, Making Sense of God, pg. 69; paragraphing mine)

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