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How Did You Love and The Hound of Heaven

From Doug Wilson:

So [here] is a new video from Shinedown, a video that throughout weaves clips from the now-released short film The Hound of Heaven. Billboard has some backstory on how all that happened.
And here is the trailer for the film, which is now available for purchase and viewing in various places, among them iTunes and Amazon. The entire text of Francis Thompson’s poem is the text of the film, and because that poem packs such a punch, this short film is already powerful. But with the striking video interpretation accompanying it, the whole thing is ramped up even further, and it will be 18 minutes well spent.
I also assume that ultimately it will be more than 18 minutes that you might spend because you will ask questions like “what was that?” and watch it again, or jump back to watch a particular scene multiple times.
Jason Petty, aka Propaganda, does a marvelous job acting and reciting. Danielle Smith, an NSA student, did a fabulous job in the lead. Nate directed it, with Hisao Kurosawa providing a final review. Here is an older article from The Hollywood Reporter on all of that.
Fun times.

I took in the short film this weekend, and enjoyed it immensely. And I find myself agreeing with Wilson, asking "what was that?" and thinking, "I'm sure there is more here, and I'm missing it." So I will definitely watch it multiple times. 

Take the time to check out the video and the film. Both are worthy of the investment.

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