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It's a Good Time to be Living for God

"It's a mercy to live in troubled times like ours, when the world is falling apart and secularism is discredited and we have no clever answers for our needs. We're less likely to be taken in. It's more believable now that our only salvation is God. The collapse of the city of man is the opportunity of the city of God. It's a good time to be living for God.

"Believers in Christ have another crown. It does not fade away. It cannot betray our hopes. We will never look stupid wearing this crown."  (Ray Ortlund, Jr., Isaiah)

5 Then at last the Lord of Heaven’s Armies 
will himself be Israel’s glorious crown. 
He will be the pride and joy 
of the remnant of his people. 
6 He will give a longing for justice 
to their judges. 
He will give great courage 
to their warriors who stand at the gates. (Isaiah 28:5,6; NLT)