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I'm Coming Out of the Closet

I’m Coming Out of the Closet

That phrase used to represent a healthy and good cultural suppression of that which is wrong. In other words, there was a common cultural understanding of the moral wrong of acting on same-sex attractions, and so people (like so many other sinful behaviors) pursued these desires in hiding.

“In the closet.”

Then at times, someone, with a muddle-headed idea of ‘courage,’ would ‘come out of the closet’ and glory in their shame.

In our day, this phrase has been officially turned on its head. There now exists a movement for a common cultural suppression not of same-sex relationships, but that marriage is, in fact, between one biological man and one biological woman. We should not be surprised, for Paul foresaw this thousands of years ago, declaring that wicked people would ‘suppress the truth by their wickedness’ (Romans 1:18). But in response to such cultural shifting, it is we who must - with clear-headed courage - not flee into hiding, but ‘come out’ and, with broken-hearted boldness, proclaim, “We believe in God’s design for marriage, and thus, human flourishing.”

To wit:

When Isaiah saw the enacting of wicked laws in his day, he proclaimed with broken-hearted (Isaiah 1:4) boldness,

“What sorrow awaits the unjust judges 
and those who issue wrongful laws” (Isaiah 10:1).

Alec Motyer comments,

“National, political, social and governmental disasters and misdemeanors can all be traced to this one source: The Word of God has been sidelined. Isaiah saw it in his day and, with our eyes opened by him, we see it in ours. The beginning of th remedy lies in our individual hands: our greatest contribution to the good of our nation, to political stability and wholesomeness, to social standards and decency and to proper and just government, is our individual devotion and obedience to God’s Word.
Recovery starts with me.
Isn’t this what the Lord Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount? When he has set out the basic principles of kingdom-life (in the blessedness/happiness sayings, Matt. 5:3-10, which we put away in the deep-freeze by calling them ‘Beatitudes’) he immediately transposes the ‘they’ of general principle in the ‘you’ of personal discipleship (Matt. 5:11).
This blessedness is for you when this is your life-style.
But more: when this is your life-style you become the salt of purification and the darkness-dispelling light the world so desperately needs. Not by what we say [only], but by what we are when His Word fashions our lives. The alternative way of life, when we set aside his Word, invites the Lord’s displeasure and leaves the world around without any bar to its inevitable corruption, or light to dispel its native darkness.”

You are the hope of the world, friends.
Stand strong.

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