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What If God Broke His Word?

“A young minister, while visiting the cabin of a veteran Scotch woman who had grown ripe in experience, said to her, ‘Nannie, what if, after all your prayers and watching and waiting, God should allow your soul to be eternally lost?’
“Looking at the youthful novice in divinity, she replied, ‘Ah, let me tell you, that God would have the greatest loss. Poor me would lose her soul, and that would be a great loss; but God would lose his honor and his character. If he broke his word, he would make himself a liar, and the universe would go to ruin.’
“The veteran believer was right. Our only real ground of salvation lies in God’s everlasting word.”

– Theodore Cuyler, “Wayside Springs” (HT: Jared Wilson)

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