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Not Everything That Offends Us Is Persecution

It is increasingly difficult to stand fast in our culture as a disciple of Jesus Christ. However, Russell Moore writes that we must be careful about over-reacting to people in our communities who are brining about that kind of climate.

“We ought not fume about such things, as though we are a protected class of victims. We ought to see that our culture is less and less connected with the roots of basic knowledge about Christianity. Many, especially, in the culture-making wing of American life, see Christmas the same way they see Hanukkah. They know about menorahs and dreidels, but not about the Maccabean fight. That ought not make us outraged, but prompt us to see how our neighbors see us — sometimes more in terms of our trivialities than in terms of the depths of meaning of Incarnation, blood atonement, and the kingdom of Christ.
“This means we need to spend more time engaging our neighbors with the sort of news that shocks angels and redirects stargazers and knocks sheep-herders to the ground. That will seem strange, and that’s all the better, because it is strange. An Incarnation safe enough to sell beer and barbecue grills is a gospel that is too safe to make blessings flow, far as the curse is found. Not everything that offends us should offend us, and not everything that offends us is persecution.”

(from Onward: Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel, pg. 151; by Russell Moore)

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