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A Youngin's Perspective

So I just preached my heart out about the sanctity of human life and abortion this morning for about forty minutes. I arrived home at about 1pm, and my son Ezra greeted me with about a 15 second interchange that got to the heart of "choice":

"Dad, I have a question about the sermon."
"Ok, so, if a girl chooses to do 'that thing' in order to have a baby, then doesn't she choose to maybe have a baby?"
"Yes, she does."
"Ok, so if she doesn't want to have a baby, instead of choosing to have an abortion, shouldn't she just choose not to do 'that thing'?!"
"Why, yes...I can't argue with that!"

Please understand, I know the issue is very complex, but it is also as simple as my ten year-old son is able to put together.

From One Fan to Another

Early Morning Encouragement