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To Know Jesus

This past Sunday - as we hope to do every Sunday - we did our best to make it all about Jesus in our worship service. I preached from Philippians 3:1-11, To Know Jesus. Given that it was Easter Sunday, I hoped to keep it simple, and present the Good News with great clarity. Therefore, I told the good news of the kingdom of God, the whole story, from Creation to Fall, and Rescue to Restoration.

I was blessed to use the structure, outline, and some content from the great folks at SpreadTruth; in particular, their material as found in The Story booklets and Bibles they produce to aid in evangelism. They even provided all of their images from those publications to use while I was preaching! I highly recommend you take a look at their materials at, and download the free apps they provide for your use in sharing and spreading the Good News of the kingdom of God.

And I pray that this sermon will be an encouragement for you to make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Coming into contact with Jesus, the Christ, was the singular event that altered Paul's perspective on absolutely everything in his life. His story is The Story and can be your story too.

Christ In Me

Though Resurrection Sunday Is Past, Keep Pondering All Jesus Accomplished During Holy Week