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A Terrible Moral Huntsman

H.G. Wells was right in his description of Jesus:

He was like some terrible moral huntsman digging mankind out of the snug burrows in which they had lived hitherto. In the white blaze of this kingdom of his there was no property, no privilege, no pride and precedence; no motive indeed and no reward but love.

Is it any wonder that men were dazzled and blinded and cried out against him?

For all those who attend our church, this Sunday we will see this Jesus as he comes up against the religious elite, partaking in a meal with a message. The point of the story? Do not fool yourself into believing that your exhaustive religiosity covers your sins. The only way to true purity is repentance and trust in Jesus.

So read Luke 11:33-44

And Pray. Meditate. Prepare.

See you Sunday.

Pastor Matthew

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