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So my wife was meeting today with one of the girls that she disciples, having tea and a good chat. This young lady had something quite remarkable to share, knowing how much I love language and words. Namely, she gave me a new word, which is very old.


I think she saw it on Pinterest, which means I've come across the first true benefit of Pinterest in my experience (ladies, please, no swearing in the comment section). Wondering the meaning of "lunting"? 

The British meaning of 'lunting' is to walk whilst smoking a pipe. Lunting is used by pipe smokers as a means of relaxation or easing stress. In addition Lunting can also mean emitting smoke or steam or the act of lighting a fire, torch or tobacco pipe.

Dating from around 1540 - 1550, the origin is believed to be from the Dutch word 'lont' meaning a slow match or fuse or possibly the Middle Low German 'lonte' meaning a wick.

As in,

I can't wait until we regularly have temperatures over 50 degrees, so I can grab my Savenelli, a pouch of T.G. Nightcap, and go lunting through our St. Cloud neighborhood.

Can I get a witness!?

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