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Hold The Line

So apparently there is a bit of a dust-up over the issue of homosexuality at Wheaton College, brought on by a speaking engagement there by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, who has a God-honoring testimony and ministry. You can read about it here, as reported on their website.

As I read the article, I was struck by this fact: the staff and chaplain at Wheaton quoted in the article (again, on their website) seem afraid to speak the truth and clearly lead those whom they have been charged to instruct on matters of faith, practice, and the Bible as the authority on such matters. Having known Wheaton, in circles I have traveled, as the "Mecca of Evangelicalism," I am grieved that it appears they are slipping and sliding on the authority of the Scripture in the name of coddling and conversation, to ensure that everyone can sit in a circle and "share their stories with each other and warmly invite those stories and to warmly receive those stories." Don't misunderstand - I have no problem with people warmly inviting stories of brokenness in our lives, and warmly receiving those stories. But if the story-line doesn't include a call to repentance and holy living (as it appears in their article), then we are helping no one and have lost what it means to be keepers of the evangel.

So why do I even bring this up? I didn't go to Wheaton, and don't plan on sending our kids there (we couldn't afford to). 

I do so because it is another apparent example of crumpling in the face of the LGBTQ machine to bring everyone not in agreement with their position to their proverbial knees. Of course, we must respond in love. But we must call sin sin, proclaim what is contrary to holiness, and hold the line. If our evangelical institutions can't do so, will we be surprised that our young people move into churches, in places of community and leadership, and will be unable or unwilling to do so?


For some additional insight, I point you to one of my favorite writers and pastors (especially on cultural matters) - Doug Wilson. While you may not always agree with Wilson, you'll never wonder what he thinks.

His first comment on the Wheaton dust-up can be found here.

And here is a taste of his follow-up post:

...the issue of the student protest there, and the response to it, simply identifies that the immune system of evangelicalism is just flat busted. The issue isn’t the presence of the sin, or the reality of such temptations, or the fact that this kind of thing shows up everywhere. Of course. Those are pastoral givens. The problem is the anemic response, the weak sister answers, the galling timidity. That is the problem.

But it is not the case that discipline is gone. No, remember the inescapable concept — not whether, but which. Every human society disciplines, of necessity. The issue is what gets disciplined, and what gets invited to further dialog parties. Here’s a thought experiment for you . . . or any conservative Wheaton students with a taste for high-jinks might actually want to try it. They could organize a protest of their own — sponsored by the Wheaton Alliance for Normal Sexual Pleasure, Biblically Defined — and see how far they get. I will go so far as to hazard the guess that invitations to warm dialog will not enter into it. They will be seen as the troublemakers, which is quite right. They would be — disruptors of flaccid respectability.

And about time.

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