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Strength for the Day, Week, Month...Life


If the following is true for the day, it is true for every day this week. May you be encouraged to seek the pleasure of our Father's company each morning this week in prayer. In this way, I hope it will become your habit.

Prayer offered in early morning is decisive for the day.

The wasted time we are ashamed of, the temptations we succumb to, the weakness and discouragement in our work, the disorder and lack of discipline in our thinking and in our dealings with other people - all these very frequently have their cause in our neglect of morning prayer.

The ordering and scheduling of our time will become more secure when it comes from prayer. The temptations of the working day will be overcome by this breakthrough to God. The decisions that are demanded by our work will become simpler and easier when they are made not in fear of other people, but solely before the face of God. "Whatever you do, do it from your hearts, as done for the Lord and not done for human beings" (Col. 2:23). Even routine mechanical work will be performed more patiently when it comes from the knowledge of God and God's command. Our strength and energy for work increase when we have asked God to give us the strength we need for our daily work.

- from Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, p. 76. (paragraphing mine)

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