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A Healing Power for Us, Leading to Recovery


I have been digesting selected readings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in 2014 - a practice which has proven to be immensely edifying. One section I have been reading repeatedly concerns Bonhoeffer's view of what daily attention to the Word of God does to transform his outlook. It is a powerful insight that I hope you will print out and slide into your Bible for continued reminder and reflection:

Daily, quiet attention to the Word of God which is meant for me, even if it is only for a few minutes, will become for me the focal point of everything which brings inward and outward order into my life. In the interruption and fragmentation of our previous ordered life which this time brings with it, in the danger of losing inner discipline through the host of events, the incessant claims of work and service, throughout doubt and temptation, struggle and disquiet of all kinds, meditation gives our life something like constancy, it keeps the link with our previous life, from baptism to confirmation, to ordination.

It keeps us in the saving fellowship of the community, the brethren, our spiritual home. It is a spark from that hearth which the communities want to keep at home for you. It is a source of peace, of patience, and of joy; it is like a magnet which attracts all the resources of discipline to its poles; it is like a pure, deep water in which the heaven, with its clouds and its sun, is clearly reflected; but it also serves the Highest in showing us a place of discipline and of quietness, of saving order and peace. Have we not all a desire for such a gift, unacknowledged perhaps, but still profound?

Could it not again be a healing power for us, leading to recovery?

(paragraphing mine)

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