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The Prayer of Prayers: "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"

This is part five in a series of Tim Keller's thoughts on the Prayer of Prayers.

Augustine reminds us that "daily bread" is a metaphor for necessities rather than luxuries. Since we have just spent the first three petitions of prayer recognizing God as our true food, wealth, and happiness, Jesus is charging us to now bring our "prayer list" of needs into line with this new frame of heart....
We come with our needs expectant of positive response, but we do so changed by our satisfaction in him and our trust of him. We do not come arrogantly and anxiously telling him what has to happen. Many things we would have otherwise agonized over, we can now ask for without desperation.
(from Prayer, by Tim Keller, paragraphing and emphasis mine)

There is a peace-ful kind of contentment that should wash over the Christian heart while praying this prayer for the community of believers ("us"..."our"). Dear friends, may we truly rest in Father, Son, and Spirit as we pray today,

Father, give us this day our daily bread, just what we need, and no more.

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