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A Speech for Ourselves Before Praying

From Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.

"Loving awe" conveys that we should approach God with neither a sentimental or casual familiarity nor a stilted, remote formality. Many of the best books on prayer over the years counsel that, before beginning prayer and meditation, we take ourselves in hand and wake ourselves up to the magnitude of what is going to happen. One suggested we make the following speech to ourselves:
God is here, within these walls; before me, behind me, on my right hand, on my left hand. He who fills immensity has come down to me here. I am now about to bow at His feet, and speak to Him...I may pour forth my desires before Him, and not one syllable from my lips shall escape his ear. I may speak to him as I would to the dearest friend I have on earth.

God Rest Ye Merry

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