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"Jesus Has Come to Confound You..."

This paragraph was written by Zack Eswine with pastors in mind, but applies to all human beings attempting to become more human through Jesus:

Therefore, those of you searching for something larger, faster, and more significant, who feel that if you could just be somewhere else doing something else as somebody else, then your life would really matter - Jesus has come to confound you. I'm not referring to those who need to flee to somewhere else for safety's sake. I am referring to the discontented who have not yet learned what it means that Jesus is our portion and that he is enough for us. You have wandered far from home. You cannot glorify God by trying to become him. You cannot honor him by overlooking his creatures and the places he has given them in which to enjoy him. This Shepherd is searching for you. His shoulders are ready for you. He may just decide to pick you up and carry you to somewhere sexy in order to undo you! He may call you to courageously prize what is overlooked and mundane among those whose cravings for the 'next' and the 'now' might cause them to soon overlook you for another more hip pastor. Or he may call you to nowhere sexy so that you can learn that you can make a difference in Jesus even if you are somewhere forgotten by the world. (Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being)

Now, my friend, read it again, and spend a bit of time staring off into space while prayerfully thinking about it and talking it over with our Father and His gentle Son.

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