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On NSA Snoopervision and Presidential Tyrants

You've heard it here before, but I'll just keep right on saying it: Doug Wilson is one of the clearest, most unique, and enjoyable writers out there. However, just because he is clear doesn't mean it may not take a little work to get the rhythm of his writing, but please, it is worth your time and effort.

For he possesses a copiousness in his reading, and a sharpness in his theological and cultural commentary. He is courageous in speaking his mind, and I can't tell you how many times I've gasped out loud while reading him, "Oh, you did not just say that! did!" And then I ponder - and savor - that section again. And again. Furthermore, many a time have I read a portion (or all) of one of his articles to a regular gathering of couples Susan and I date with, and it has created laughter and helpful conversation.

Such a savoring took place while reading one of his latest articles, on the whole Sony hacking curfuffle. Let me give you a taste:

...the episode highlights a major security threat — cyber attacks — for which there is currently no adequate preventative solution at all. There will be suggested preventative solutions, which will all mysteriously grow the power of our government over our lives, but they will be a farce like all the rest of it.....


But . . . here it comes. It will be pointed out by those people still willing to defend NSA snoopervision that it is not possible to defend private business against such attacks without our protecting government also gaining access to the data they are protecting. And so, after an appropriate amount of throat-clearing, the suggestion will finally be made. “You will just have to trust us. We want to keep you safe . . .” Now I grant that we may require the kind of cyber defense that only you can provide, but if we give them that position, then it turns out that we will have no defense at all . . . against them.
So the answer is no. I don’t trust them. Not only do I not have any good reason to trust them, I have compelling reasons not to. Remember the point made just above about the maker of the Muhammad movie who had nothing whatever to do with all that unrest in the Middle East, but which was blamed on him nonetheless? The most powerful people in the world declared that they would hold him responsible, which they did, and so he spent a year in the slammer. That was a vile business right there. And then the man responsible for it stands up a couple years later and lectures incendiary movie makers on how to stand up to threats from tyrants?
Obama first got elected to the Senate because the sealed divorce records of his opponent got themselves unsealed. He is from Chicago. This is what he does.
The reason Obama has been against the Keystone pipeline is that he needed to use the piping material as a conduit between the IRS and the Washington political operatives who needed dirt on their opponents. This is what he does.

And, working toward his conclusion,

Not only does he do this kind of thing, but the fact that he does is openly known. Despite this, he continues on, and so I will continue on with wanting my government to know as little about me as possible.

Read the whole thing.

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