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When Fingers Were Counted on the Hand of God

From one of my favorite Advent books:

“The absolute Truth, the one who fills all things (Eph. 1:23), condescended to a place where He would have to fill his diapers.
This — to the refined and philosophical mind — was outrageous, impudent, and even blasphemous . . . The ultimate Truth suckled at His mother’s breast, had ten fingers and ten toes, which His mother counted, and He then grew a bit older and went to Nazareth High. The universal became a particular, and did so without ceasing to be a universal. The universal Truth has a hometown, and a mom, and is a scandal to the Greeks. He is also a scandal to the Kantians and the postmodernists, and all for the same reason”
(God Rest Ye Merry, pp. 68-69).

(HT: Doug Wilson)

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