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God Rest Ye Merry

From one of my favorite Advent books:

“The sun has risen. Christ has come. He is the king. The light covers the world.
A return to heathen midnight is an impossibility. Those who walk in darkness now are doing so in a world suffused with light. This is hard to do — you have to remain blind, or hide in root cellars. There are ways to stay out of the sunlight, but they are difficult to accomplish. Not only so, but as the day passes, they will get increasingly difficult . . . The task of evangelism, now that Christ has risen, is not so much to run around at night, poking our flashlights into corners and cellars. Rather, the task of evangelism is more like pulling back the curtains”
(God Rest Ye Merry, pp. 57-58).

(HT: Doug Wilson)

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