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A Roundtable on Your Response to Ferguson

Darren Patrick and the folks at The Journey church have done us a great service by posting a multi-racial interaction regarding Ferguson. From the TGC website:

We learned [Monday] night that Darren WIlson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown, was not indicted by the grand jury. Multiple businesses have been looted and burned, and our city—St. Louis—is trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and move forward. Leading up to the grand jury decision, we wanted to prepare our church, regardless of the verdict, to rightly respond to the issues this case has unearthed.

Over the last few months, the elders and other leaders at The Journey have been encouraging our church and the wider community to let their guard down and step into hard conversations about justice, privilege, and race. To further equip our church, we gathered together several members of our church from different backgrounds with different cultural and political views for a roundtable discussion. We believe the way forward must include these kind of discussions with people who don’t share our skin color, preferably around a dinner table.

Pray for an open heart and mind, and then take about 13 minutes and sit around the table with these folks...

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