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The Best Story We Ever Heard


From Douglas Wilson:

How could we not be storytellers?
We worship God the writer, God the written, and God the reader. How could we not create? We are created in God’s image, and he creates. He created us so that we would do this. He came down into our world to show us how it is done; his name is Immanuel. God loves cliffhangers. He loves nailbiters. On the mount of the Lord it will be provided. Exile and return stories are everywhere. So are death and resurrection stories. So are the elder-shall-serve-the-younger stories. And the whole thing will come together at the last day, as promised in Romans 8:28, with trillions of plot points all resolved and no remainder.
And the great throng gathered before the throne will cry out, with a voice like many waters, saying, ‘That was the best story we ever heard.'”

(From The Romantic Rationalist, pp. 75-76)

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