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What Can You Do About the Evil of Abortion?

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This last week I preached a sermon entitled The Idolatry of Sex Leads to Abortion in an attempt to wave the smelling-salts of God's Word under our noses that we might awaken anew to the horrors of modern-day child sacrifice in our country.

Alas, I ran out of time at the end about some practical ways we can respond. Here is what I had hoped to do:

I would like to point you to the ways pastor Matt Chandler recently admonished his own church to respond. He said,

Who is more vulnerable, who is more the least of these than the unborn? Who is more fragile, who is in need of more protection, who is in need of more help than the unborn? So what are we to do as the people of God?

The first thing we need to do is repent. Some of us need to repent for actively being involved in this. There’s grace and mercy for you. I started the way I started on purpose. There’s forgiveness and mercy for all.

In fact, God has been drawn biblically and historically through those who have been involved in some of the most heinous things ever. … [John Newton] was a slave trader who Christ radically transformed who spent the rest of his life opposing the slave trade … in the UK. So it’s oftentimes God draws out of heinous sin those who will be used powerfully by God to overcome that heinous sin.

So please do not walk in shame, but rather seek the forgiveness of God who readily makes it available to you. Not all of us have been involved actively. Most of us have been involved by simply being laissez-faire about this issue of just thinking it will work itself out, of thinking it doesn’t have much to do with us, of—God help us—wanting to be seen as cool and hip Christians.

You understand that’s never going to happen, right? You do understand there’s a growing hostility toward the things of God, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. In fact, I think you’re already beginning to see a rapid progression of how we’re viewed in the public sphere. It’s not overly positive. Some of us need to just repent about being unconcerned about this issue.

The second thing we can do is we can pray, guys. This is a spiritual issue. You don’t have the science in front of us that we have in front of us and not be moved to do anything about it unless your eyes are blinded, your conscience is seared. So we can pray. We can pray for judges. We can pray for those working with women. We can pray for advocacy and pregnancy centers. We can pray. In fact, we’re going to gather on Wednesday night across our campuses, and this is what we’re going to pray around.

Third thing. You can vote for those who are pro-life and not vote for those who are pro-choice. Now let’s chat, because some of you are like, “Oh, you’re a one-issue voter?” A couple of things. I think you can be pro-life and be a miserable political leader. I think you can be a pro-life moron. I just absolutely believe it, but here’s the thing. We’re all one-issue voters. There are hundreds of “one issues” that could disqualify a guy from political office. Would this not be one of them?

So if a man were to stand up and say, “I do not believe black men and black women should be able to hold political office,” would that not be a singular issue that in almost everybody’s mind—outside of some buffoons in the sticks—would disqualify him from public office? Would it not? Are you telling me in general our culture would tolerate that ridiculousness? Oh man, that dude would get torched.

Why would this issue not be an issue that really matters if what we’re saying is the people of God, that both the Word of God and even secular science, support that what’s growing in a woman is a human being, and they’re advocating the murder of that human being?

The next thing we could do is we can support with money, time, and energy those who are in this fight, whether that’s giving time, energy, effort, money to advocacy and pregnancy centers, or, if you’re able—this is a huge one—looking into and considering adoption. So here’s the thing I know about The Village Church. There are hundreds and hundreds of couples struggling with infertility who get all bogged down in the bureaucracy of adopting children.

The church can do some things here that are beautiful for women. My favorite story coming out of The Village is there was a 17-year-old girl who became pregnant here. One of our couples actually had that young woman move in with them, and they helped her through all that. She had a bit of a train wreck in regard to home life, so she moved in with them. Then when her little daughter was born, another covenant member of the church actually adopted that little girl. This is how we engage the brokenness around us, not with judgment, not with drive-by “guiltings,” not with hostility, but with love and mercy and solutions.

Let us help. Let us walk with you. How can we serve you? How can we encourage you? Oh that we wouldn’t be unmoved around this issue. Oh that we’d feel the weight of the fight we’ve been called to. If not us, who? Even in the amount of time I’ve spent with you today, there have been dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of baby girls and baby boys murdered for the sake of convenience. We walk with enough people here at The Village Church to know if a pregnancy even becomes endangered, they’re encouraged that way.


It is my prayer that through churches like Calvary, and The Village Church, and the Church across this land, righteousness will dawn and triumph, and abortion will become a grimly-remembered relic of the past. 

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