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The Distorted Mirror


The following quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer is meaty. But that means when done, you will be well fed. I suggest reading it aloud to best follow his train of thought.

Where God is known by faith to be the ultimate reality, the source of my ethical concern will be that God be known as the good, even at the risk that I and the world are revealed as not good, but as bad through and through.

All things appear as in a distorted mirror if they are not seen and recognized as in God.

All that is - so to speak - given, all laws and norms, are abstractions, as long as God is not known in faith to be the ultimate reality. That God alone is the ultimate reality, is, however, not an idea meant to sublimate the actual world, nor is it the religious perfecting of a profane worldview. It is rather a faithful "Yes" to God's self-witness, God's revelation....But then the decision about the whole of life depends on our relation to God's revelation. Awareness of it is not only a step-by-step progress in the discovery of deeper and more inward realities, but this awareness is the turning point, the pivot, of all perception of reality as such. The ultimate, or final, reality discloses itself to be at the same time the first reality, God as the first and the last, the Alpha and Omega. Without God, all seeing and perceiving of things and laws become abstraction, a separation from both origin and goal.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from Ethics 48-49)

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