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What the Girl with the Hijab Witnessed


I've been spending a fair amount of time thinking through our liturgy at Calvary Community Church recently (more on that later). While reading up, I came across this, from Carl Trueman. It was particularly encouraging, as just recently at Calvary (aside from a few songs), we dedicated a service to the reading of Luke chapters nine through thirteen.

And now, Trueman: 

Yet here is the irony: in this liberal Anglican chapel, the hijabi experienced an hour long service in which most of the time was spent occupied with words drawn directly from scripture. She heard more of the Bible read, said, sung and prayed than in any Protestant evangelical church of which I am aware—than any church, in other words, which actually claims to take the word of God seriously and place it at the centre of its life.
Yes, it was probably a good thing that there was no sermon that day: I am confident that, as Carlyle once commented, what we might have witnessed then would have been a priest boring holes in the bottom of the Church of England. But that aside, Cranmer’s liturgy meant that this girl was exposed to biblical Christianity in a remarkably beautiful, scriptural and reverent fashion.
I was utterly convicted as a Protestant minister that evangelical Protestantism must do better on this score: for all of my instinctive sneering at Anglicanism and formalism, I had just been shown in a powerful way how far short of taking God’s word seriously in worship I fall.    (emphasis mine)

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