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This Is Only the Beginning

From Denny Burk

Earlier this year, I wrote about Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of a bakery called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” in Greshem, Oregon. They’ve been in the news since January after they refused to provide a cake for a gay wedding of two lesbians. Since then, the story has gone viral, and the Klein’s business has been under siege from protesters and gay activists. Aaron Klein says that gay rights activists have been using“militant, mafia-style tactics” to shut the business down.
As it turns out, the gay activists got their way. The pressure has finally resulted in the Klein’s having to shut down their shop. They are hoping to be able to continue the business from their home.
Many headlines have erroneously reported that the Klein’s refuse service to gay people. This is not true. In fact, Aaron Klein told NBC News earlier this year that he serves gay customers on a weekly basis (see below). So he doesn’t refuse service to gay people per se, he simply does not want to create cakes for gay weddings. Quoting Genesis 2:24, he says that he simply cannot celebrate what the Bible says is wrong—even if it costs him his business. And now that’s exactly what it has cost him.
To read more about this case, I encourage you to read my earlier post and to watch the video above.
This is only the beginning.


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