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You are Part of a Story, Not a List of Events


Stories are how we remember; 

we tend to forget lists and bullet points. 

- Robert McKee


 I just started this book tonight, and I'm already loving it, and commend it to you.  What could be better than a book about the greatest Book ever written? A book, called the Bible, which is about:

...the One Story of God's incomprehensible, outrageous acts of redemption, the stories of God gathering a people for His name. Here in its pages appear fierce and unlikely heroes, terrifying battles, pilloried prophets, resistant saints, miraculous healings, a foot-washing King, a bloodied God on a cross, a hollow tomb, the final wrath and glory judgment, and a denouement that ends more miraculously than anything we could imagine: the coming of a new city with open gates and a purified people now called sons and daughters who, needing no other light, will enter and walk by the light of the Lamb. 
Not everyone will be there. 
It is not a safe or simple story. Yet the story is for all of us to hear and heed. We are invited into these pages, not as editors with red pens in hand, but as supplicants seeking understanding and truth. We are invited to live into this narrative, but not to rewrite it, either to gut it of its offense or to reshape it for short attention spans and better sales. (page 11-12)

Now that should make you want to read the book and The Book!

Not an Organization, Not a Business, But a Family

"Why is it when I think I’m right, I’m intolerant, but when you think you’re right, you’re just right?"