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The Good King


When I return from sabbatical to Calvary Community Church in a little over a week, we will resume making our way through the Gospel according to Luke in our sermon series, The Revelation of the King. Which makes the latest release from Mars Hill Music so timely. It is an album from the band Ghost Ship entitled The Good King. And after listening to it three times today, I can highly commend its Jesus-exalting worship to you. 

A little about the band from the Mars Hill site:

Ghost Ship is a roots-rock band that writes music about Jesus, and their name comes from believers being vessels of the Holy Spirit (Ghost). They lead the worship gatherings at Mars Hill Downtown Seattle and have also been playing benefit shows at clubs in Seattle to raise money to fight sex-trafficking in the city. Ghost Ship is led by Cam Huxford who is the Worship Director at Mars Hill Downtown. He moved to Seattle from Georgia four years ago with two goals: use music to point to Jesus and call people to respond to Jesus.

To get a little taste of the album, and order if you are interested, click the picture below.


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