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Jesus Heals A Woman And A Girl


This past Sunday, we saw two daughters healed by the extensive power and authority of Jesus. One was a daughter (Luke 8:48), ill and isolated for 12 years, who touched Jesus and was saved. The other was a 12-year-old daughter, dead, who was touched by Jesus and saved. Their combined story is the story of every son and daughter in the kingdom of heaven - it is only by the touch of Jesus that we are made clean and brought to life.

If you keep reading, you'll find two things. The first is my sermon on this text. Those that were present already know that I ran out of time, and was unable to deliver my conclusion. Which is the second thing you will find: (at least) four observations I think we can glean from the story found in Luke 8:40-56 (click and take a moment to slowly read it).

It is my prayer they will point you to the glories of Christ, for us.

Sermon: "Jesus Heals a Woman and a Girl"  ::  Luke 8:40-56

Conclusion ::

This story makes clear that what humanity needs from Jesus is total, spiritual salvation. Deliverance. Wholeness. Peace. If Jesus is powerless to do that, then we are utterly, completely, eternally, lost. Spiritual deliverance is what we need more than we need deliverance from physical or material distress.

(at least) Four things follow from this story that we may apply daily:

(1)  If Jesus has the authority and power to forgive sins, and make us clean, he has the power to heal our physical distress.

"But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—he said to the man who was paralyzed—“I say to you, rise, pick up your bed and go home." (Luke 5:24)

(2)  If Jesus can do that, we can be satisfied, even if he does not heal our physical distress.

"...I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." (Phil. 4:11)

(3) In Jesus' love and compassion, he may decide to do both!

(4)  In Jesus' providence and wisdom, his timing may not be to our liking.

Consider that last one: Could not the woman with a "fountain of blood" for 12 years relate? Could not Jairus, urgently needing Jesus to get to his house where his little girl was dying, Jairus putting up with the delays of a "crowd pressing in," Jairus enduring this unclean-needing-healing woman slowing Jesus down...could he not relate?

John Calvin writes:

Now this, also, ought to be added, that although either fatherly favor and beneficence or severity of judgment often shine forth in the whole course of providence, nevertheless sometimes the causes of the events are hidden.
So the thought creeps in that human affairs turn and whirl at the blind urge of fortune; or the flesh incites us to contradiction, as if God were making sport of men by throwing them like balls. It is, indeed, true that if we had quiet and composed minds ready to learn, the final outcome would show that God always has the best reason for his plan:
either to instruct his own people in patience,
or to correct their wicked affections and tame their lust,
or to subjugate them to self-denial,
or to rouse them from sluggishness;
again, to bring low the proud, to shatter the cunning of the impious and to overthrow their devices.
Yet however hidden and fugitive from our point of view the causes may be, we must hold that they are surely laid up with him, and hence we must exclaim with David: “Great, O God, are the wondrous deeds that thou hast done, and thy thoughts toward us cannot be reckoned; if I try to speak, they would be more than can be told” [Ps. 40:5]. (Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1.17.1)

The truth and sureness of my eternal salvation, of the inheritance being kept in heaven for me, of the solid promise that I am being kept for that inheritance, moves me to glory in my redeemer, and provides ballast in my little boat whenever tossed about by the storms of this life.

What a Savior! And what a saving!

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