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The Joy of Reading

There are some people one should read for the sheer pleasure of their lively, precise, and descriptive prose. Carolyn Weber is one of those kind of writers. Here are just a couple tidbits from my first twenty minutes with her newest book to prove the point. 

I was full term, actually beyond, for twins - well into my thirty-ninth week now. But the suitcase all ready for the hospital would sit untouched, and dawn's rosy fingers would reach over the mountain range. I would arise and make coffee. A new morning.
Although autumn usually meant the beginning of a heavy rain season in the Pacific Northwest, clear morning sunlight danced on the wind-swept water of the canal behind my home. Varsity rowing teams in training were shouldering their way along it, water splitting like shards of glass under their oars. In the distance, the old lift bridge parted the stream of rush-hour traffic, allowing a lone sailboat that had been bobbing patiently to reach the quiet lake beyond.
Warrior-like, I stood ready for birth. Ready, single-handedly to defeat the Great Curse. The bittersweet blessing of birth that had blessed and blighted women since Eve slept with the serpent and sold out her God-given womanhood for the mere trifling of a vain lie.

I highly recommend her works to you.

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