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This Is Me

The following is a guest post from my daughter, Isabella (15). It was for a poetry assignment in school, asking her to describe her heritage. 

This is me.

I’m from hand sewn quilts,
crisp starry nights,
hand-chopping wood,
raking red and orange leaves,
homemade salsa,
early morning hunts, 
and first frosts.


I’m from Evergreen tress in living rooms,
 christmas lights,
lake ice skating,
sledding onto ice,
frosted cookies,
 homemade eggnog,
and ice cream from snow.


I’m from planting spring garden,
Easter sunday tradition,
rain boots,
track seasons since 1990,
and early swimming in lakes.


I’m from camping weeks, hiking days,
soaking sun, 
fireworks blasting,
harvesting garden,
sweating in August,
and living outside.


I’m from traditions,
we are unique, 
and we are family.


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