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Remember the Sabbath, to Keep it Holy


Every preacher would tell you that he is just like you in this way (among many) - he also needs a preacher. 

My preacher is also a wonderful friend, Joe Thorn. Joe is a godly man who deeply loves Jesus. He is a good husband and father. He is a faithful friend to many. He feeds his church family a rich, healthy diet of good news-rich sermons. And, he is a bearded gospel man! I recommend that you read and listen to Joe.

In particular, as a busy, fretful, frenetic American, you must listen to his recent sermon on the Sabbath.  We all desperately need and horribly misunderstand the kind of rest that God promises. 

I do.

You do.


And Joe winsomely and passionately leads us to understand this command and gift from our Father. A couple of favorite quotes from the sermon:

"The reason we don't want to follow the Sabbath, and rest, is because we think our to-do list is greater than God's, which includes the command: rest!"
"On your Sabbath, put aside whatever you normally do during the rest of the week in order to truly rest. "

Listen to Joe's sermon, and be transformed.

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