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American Fanaticism

We are fanatical about our frantic, busy, buzzing lives. So says Paul Tripp, observes Timmy Brister:

Paul Tripp is exactly right. The “insane busyness of Western culture” is incapable of producing faithfulness to the mission of the church. Ultimately, this is a heart issue. It is a kingdom issue. What do we value? What do we prioritize? What matters most? We cannot see gospel advance when the kingdom of God is an optional accessory to our busy lives. Jesus instructed us to “seek first the kingdom of God.” Our passion, priority, and pursuit in life ought to be governed and guarded by this command, but so often my kingdom and agenda feels so right, so comfortable, so me. And that’s precisely the problem.
A life filled with me, not Jesus.
My comforts, not His commission.
My preferences, not His purposes.
My way, not His word.

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What to do? Well, how about a great, new little book by Kevin DeYoung? It is called Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem. And it won't even take much time in that busy life of yours - I read it in about 90 minutes.  Just to tease you a little...

Sometimes interviews don’t go the way you planned… Sometimes they get to feeling a little bit weird… And sometimes, yes sometimes, things get downright awkward.

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