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Learning Requires Practice


From One Thousand Gifts:

I picked up the journal. [The Apostle] Paul had twice said it, and I mustn't forget it. He said he had to learn. And learning requires practice - sometimes even mind-numbing practice. C.S. Lewis said it too, to a man looking for fullest life:

"If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place of training and correction and it's not so bad."

It might even be good. So I, too, can be like our children and the everyday training, memorizing of the Latin paradigms with the practicing chants: amo, amas, amat. The washing machine dings and I light. This is why I had never really learned the language of "thanks in all things"! Though pastors had preached it, I still came home and griped on. I had never practiced. Practiced until it became second nature, the first skin. Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation. Practice, practice, practice. Hammer, hammer, hammer.

This training might prove to be the hardest of my life. It just might save my life.

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