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An Unlikely Spokeswoman For Submission In Marriage


Our culture is filled with people who are confused about marriage. What it is for, and how to succeed at it. As followers of Jesus, we know that such confusion exists because God's design for marriage is ignored. But part of God's common grace is that sometimes even those who don't follow Jesus understand something inherent to God's design for a successful marriage. One such person is former volleyball star, Gabrielle Reece. Denny Burk writes that in her new book on marriage,

...she tells the story of how her own marriage nearly ended after only four years. She and her husband were able to come back from the brink, and they are still married today now with three kids.

The provocative part of the interview is when she explains that the key to their success is that she “submits” to her husband. The interesting thing, however, it that this is not a Christian couple who have embraced a biblical view of gender roles. They appear to be a typical, secular family with no apparent religious conviction.

Their story is fascinating and worth your time (the video is about 12 minutes). Click the pic below to watch.

Warning: while not explicit or sophomoric, this video does include some frank talk about their married life.


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