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Ignoring the Horror of Infanticide


From Denny Burk:

The National Review Online has posted Charles Krauthammer’s comments on the media blackout of Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial. Among other things, Krauthammer says this:

On this, I would think there would be unanimity in the country, and the reason that there is resistance, against either outlawing or heavily regulating [abortion] is because the pro-choice people imagine that any regulation, at any level, at any kind, is the beginning of the end of abortion rights. I think there is room for a national consensus on this.

In other words, pro-choicers believe abortion rights to be so sacrosanct that they cannot acknowledge Gosnell’s crimes because it might lead to a curtailing of those rights. In short, preserving a woman’s right not to be pregnant is more important to them than preventing infanticide. That’s always been the corrupt moral calculus on the pro-abortion side, and it is no different now—not even when the doctor is killing live-born babies.


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