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A Lesson From The Past


SPP-Oct-5 My favorite podcast is Garage Logic. And my mornings would be incomplete without listening to the ol' mayor bring a little common sense into the world, all while I make and eat my breakfast. If this guy ever retires, I'm not sure how I'll start the day.

I'd like to give you a taste of the kind of common sense I love, found everyday in Gumption County, from a story he shared yesterday. The quote is from John Wooden, in his book, Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections. 

There was a rule against facial hair for players on UCLA basketball teams. One day Bill Walton came to practice after a ten-day break wearing a beard. I asked him, "Bill, have you forgotten something?"

He replied, "Coach, if you mean the beard, I think I should be allowed to wear it. It's my right."

I asked, "Do you believe in that strongly?"

He said, "Yes I do, coach, very much."

I looked at him and said politely, "Bill, I have a great respect for individuals who stand up for those things in which they believe, I really do. And the team is going to miss you."

Bill went to the locker room and shaved the beard off before practice began.

There were no hard feelings. I wasn't angry and he wasn't mad. He understood the choices between his own desires and the good of the team, and Bill was a team player. I think if I had given in to him, I would have lost control, not only of Bill, but of his teammates.

Read that last paragraph again. It's a great lesson not only for leaders and their teams, but parents and their families.

Especially dads teaching their boys about manhood.

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