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Read about a man the other morning who was bothered (the dictionary defines that as "a state of disturbance"). He was bothered by the people he loved. More specifically, he was bothered by the unbelief, disobedience, rebellion, stubbornness, and wickedness of this people because of their sin.

Sin was the source of his state of perturbation. Further, the destruction that sin would bring about.

He was so upset by this sin, and the destruction that follows because of sin, he fasted for forty days and forty nights. Forty.

How bothered am I, are you, by sin? rebelled against the commandment of the Lord your God and did not believe him or obey his voice. 24 You have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you.

25 “So I lay prostrate before the Lord for these forty days and forty nights, because the Lord had said he would destroy you. 26 And I prayed to the Lord, ‘O Lord God, do not destroy your people and your heritage, whom you have redeemed through your greatness, whom you have brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand. 27 Remember your servants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Do not regard the stubbornness of this people, or their wickedness or their sin...(Deuteronomy 9:23-27, English Standard Version)

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