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Why I Wish Giglio Had Not Withdrawn

thabiti-anyabwile I was just talking about the Giglio invite/withdrawal brew-ha-ha with my mentor as we drove to the location of our pastoral retreat and study break. I wanted to write something, but friend, author, and pastor Thabiti Anyabwile has beat me to it.

And his is better anyway. He begins:

By the standards of contemporary news cycles, the controversy over the White House withdrawing the invitation of Pastor Louie Giglio from the Inauguration and Giglio’s voluntary withdrawal are old news. I’m late to this party. Substantive reflections have been made already in a number of places. As might be expected, the entire incident has risen to iconic status, representing the clashes of ideals and values in an ongoing “culture war” or even “civil war” between competing sides.

I don’t have anything to add to the culture war, at least not in terms of the long held orthodoxy of the warring parties. I respect Giglio’s decision and can understand why he would not want a decades long ministry to be redefined by an issue that has not been his priority. After all, when he did preach on the subject, he appears by all accounts to have preached a biblically faithful, gracious and hopeful gospel sermon. Well done! Many who regularly preach about homosexuality and consider it a defining issue for their ministries have regularly failed to preach about it as well as Giglio.

But, as I read the perspectives in the aftermath of the fallout, I did find myself wishing that Christians caught in positions comparable to Giglio’s would rather be fired than withdraw. Here are a few reasons why.

You'll want to read the rest for winsome and insightful commentary.

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