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Grace Has A Backbone


From Douglas Wilson's recently released Advent book:

...grace spreads in a particular way. The fact that God has every intention of saving the entire world is a gracious message. And those who are worried about us getting carried away with talk of indiscriminate grace don't need to worry. Herod was not a messenger of this grace (although he was an unwitting instrument of it). False teachers are not messengers of this grace (although they too are encompassed by God's purposes).

Grace has a backbone, and knows how to define itself.

In part, that is what we need to be doing here. Grace is not the word that we are to use as the "open, sesame" of the Church. Grace is not something we do. Grace is not something we can control. Grace is not something we can manage. And this means that we in the Church, particularly in the sola gratia wing of the Reformed church, need to recognize that curators of grace are frequently the most dangerous enemies of grace.

Grace is God's declared intention for the whole world, whether we like it or not.

God Rest Ye Merry: Why Christmas Is The Foundation For Everything, by Douglas Wilson, p. 35-36, paragraphing mine.

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