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Christmas As War


We continue to prepare ourselves for the celebration of one of the most monumental events of all world history - the time when the Second Person of the Creator God assumed a human body in the womb of a virgin, in order to join us in our sorrow, and to deliver us from it. This element of sorrow prevents us from viewing Christmas through a sentimental and gauzy lens. The killing of the innocent children by Herod is just as much a part of the Christmas story as the shepherds, the wise men, the angels in the sky, or the manger in which the Maker of all things was place. Jesus came into a sinful world, in which realistic politicians took the measure of the situation, and did what they had to do. The world is a very different place from what it was two thousand years ago, much of it for the better, but we are still taking the lives of inconvenient infants. The work that Jesus came to do, that of throwing down all the idols, is not yet complete.

~ God Rest Ye Merry: Why Christmas Is The Foundation For Everything, Douglas Wilson, p. 116, paragraphing mine.

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