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Saturday Evening Post

A round-up of stories from around the web covering a variety of topics.

Eyes Like Prawns. Doug Wilson writes with his usual verve and flair about the Benghazi and Petraeus cover-up dust-up.

So then, the director of the CIA has resigned because of an extra-marital affair, and has done this resignation deed the week before he was slated to testify before Congress on that Benghazi business, which was already a dog's breakfast sort of affair, and do you think that anybody will be curious as to how adultery has rendered Petrarus' memory of all things Benghazi null and void, such that he can no longer testify as to what he knew (he's no longer testifying, right?)? Sorry about the punctuation there, but some things can't be helped.

You know, Petraeus needs to start avoiding deserted parking garages late at night, and any park benches with mysterious packages under them. CIA directors have to watch all those movies as part of their training, right?     Read More >>

6 Simple Ways To Be Missional. Tim Chester helps us with some straightforward ways to make more disciples of Jesus Christ.

#1. Eat With Other People. We all eat three meals a day. That’s 21 opportunities for church and mission each week without adding anything new to your schedule. And meals are a powerful expression of welcome and community.     Read More >>

Two Big Questions For Good Bible Reading. For years I've been teaching our kids and others the two most important things to keep in mind when reading the Bible. First, "What was the author's original, one, intended meaning?" And second, "What is the significance of this text to you?" Jonathan Parnell writes three paragraphs on each of those questions in a recent post over at

We ask the first question because God is real. The world exists because he created it. He is the originator and everything else the originated. And in this world he has made, meaning has meaning whether we know it or not. My one-year-old son doesn't understand me when I say "I love you, buddy". . . but I still do, and one day he'll get it. Meaning is more like steel than clay: it stands strong despite the number of hands on it.     Read More >>

The Reason: A Family Christmas Experience. Our church will be hosting this Christmas concert on Wednesday, December 12 at 7:00pm. Take a look at their site for more info and tickets.


Three Weeks Until Advent. And, speaking of Christmas, the girls over at Femina remind us that it is only three weeks away until Advent, so it is time to get ready. I've already ordered our Christmas/Advent book for the year, God Rest Ye Merry: Why Christmas Is The Foundation For Everything. But it's time to start thinking about the season...

Of course there are endless possibilities of what kinds of things you can do with your families to celebrate Advent. We (our family) have always viewed Advent as the pre-function to the BIG party on Christmas. (I know some Christians view Advent as a penitential season and withhold things. No criticism intended; we just don’t share that perspective.) So we start warming up on December 1, which happens to fall on a Saturday this year, which means we will light the first Advent Candle at Sabbath Dinner that night.     Read More >>

And finally, again this week from Bearded Gospel Men, just for fun...

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