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Saturday Evening Post


A round-up of stories from around the web covering a variety of topics.

Is The Sabbath Still Relevant? Ray Ortlund explores ancient and contemporary connections.

Let’s not dictate Sabbath observance today.  The point of the Sabbath is a dress rehearsal for a future eternity of glad rest in God.  So, for now, every one of us can work out the details personally.  But in our frantic modern world, the Sabbath offers wisdom that has lasted since the beginning (Genesis 2:2-3).  It is not written on our calendars as much as we are built into its calendar.  It seems to be part of the God-created rhythm for weekly human flourishing.   Read More >>

Balancing The Books and The Babies. Kim Shay writes about life-long learning while raising the kids.

I loved reading and studying and I wanted to keep it up even after my daughter was born.  What I didn't want was to live an existence where I was pulled between the demands of school and the demands of my home and children...I was the mother by day, focusing my energies on my children and home, and when they were gone to bed, after some time spent with my husband, I studied.  It was the beginning of a habit of life long learning.  Read More >>

Abraham Lincoln's Political Commentary. Can you really be personally opposed if you won't call it wrong? He didn't think so.  Read More >>

Let Pastors Be Pastors. As a pastor, I can testify to the reality of which Kevin DeYoung writes, that some in the church think "What we really need are innovators, visionary-leaders, entrepreneurs, and community change-agents." But he argues, let pastors be pastors.

There are men who want to love a church, lead their fellow elders, and preach solid sermons. And yet, they feel like they don’t have the entrepreneurial gifts or visionary personality to cut it in today’s church...Pastoral ministry as God describes it may not seem particularly relevant or cutting edge. But if we truly love our people, keep watch over their souls, and preach the word of God week after week, I’m willing to bet God’s people will be the entrepreneurial, cultural-engaging, community-shaping people we want them to be.  Read More >>

Three Ways To Nourish And Cherish Your Wife. I have been helped by CJ Mahaney's passionate preaching for years, paticularly anytime he lets it rip about marriage and family. Andy Nasselli provides sermon notes and links to the video of CJ's sermon filled with advice he'd give us if he met us in a Starbucks to talk about our marriages. The outline (homiletically well done with three points beginning with "C"):

1. Care for her soul.

2. Cultivate consistent communication.

3. Create romantic memories.      Read and Watch More >>

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