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Pampering Pro-Abortion Candidates


A long time ago, there was a notion that journalists were to be the watchdogs for the people, protectors and guardians of illegal and harmful activities. To do so objectively. It seems that journalists in the main are happy to perform that function for what they feel are the "wrong" and "harmful" views perpetrated by those who hold a pro-life position. But its too bad that sentiment doesn't cut both ways. Trevin Wax does a service for journalists by providing 10 Questions a Pro-Abortion candidate is never asked, but should be. My favorites:

3. In many states, a teenager can have an abortion without her parents’ consent or knowledge but cannot get an aspirin from the school nurse without parental authorization. Do you support any restrictions or parental notification regarding abortion access for minors?

4. If you do not believe that human life begins at conception, when do you believe it begins? At what stage of development should an unborn child have human rights?

6. Do you believe an employer should be forced to violate his or her religious conscience by providing access to abortifacient drugs and contraception to employees?

8. You describe abortion as a “tragic choice.” If abortion is not morally objectionable, then why is it tragic? Does this mean there is something about abortion that is different than other standard surgical procedures?

Read all 10.

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